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Puerto Rico Photographer

Born and raised in California, I started photographing as soon as I graduated high school. My camera was what I bought with my graduation gift money. First I started photographing high school seniors and now I have evolved to photographing joyful couples.

How did I end up in Puerto Rico?

Love brought me here. In 2016, I traveled to San Juan for a convention and met the love of my life. (Crazy right?!) Alex and I started dating long distance that same year. We then got engaged in 2018 and married in 2019, which is when I moved to the island.

It's here in Puerto Rico when I decided to be a full time photographer. I haven't looked back since and I've loved every bit of it. For all my sessions I promise to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I will pose and guide you for our entire shoot - no modeling experience is required! All you need to do is show up with your smiles and giggles, and I will do the rest!  Thank you so much for being here and taking an interest in me and the work I do.  I'm excited to connect with you soon!

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Hey there! I'm Ivana:
 a photographer, wife and dog mom!

Statement Earrings

Carbs...any Carb.

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

Lattes in the morning
Margaritas at night

about Ivana

Enough about how I got started. Let's move on to the important stuff!

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Marshalls (which is basically our Target in PR)

Burnt Orange

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Meet Alexander

My favorite human

with a current obsession for water bottles and statement earrings!

My best friend and amazing husband, known to me as Babe, Ale and Alex.  I am beyond happy to call him mine and love living our entrepreneur life in Puerto Rico. If you wanna know how we met I have a blog post with all the details!

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