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Engagement Session at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Condado Beach

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Ricardo and Karen’s engagement session at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Condado Beach was BEAUTIFUL. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in exactly ONE WEEK from today!! Preparing for their wedding has given me so much wedding nostalgia, which you can read more about on my blog from Monday and instagram. With their wedding day being just around the corner, I just had to share their beautiful images from their engagement session back in May.

Ricardo and Karen hold a special place in my heart. Having the honor to photograph them has helped me to conquer my fear of pursing photography in Puerto Rico. Whether they know it or not, my experience with them gave me the confidence to make, photography my career.

My first year living in Puerto Rico, I did nothing with photography. I don’t even think I took my camera out of it’s bag. Fear and a lack of confidence paralyzed me. I was scared of having to start over here in Puerto Rico. (For those who don’t know, I’m originally from California and gained most of my photography experience there.) Also, not being able to speak Spanish fluently scared me. Then there’s the really silly thing that held me back…I didn’t know how to drive the car we owned at the time. (a manual transmission)

Starting the second year I slowly inched back into my love for photography. I started slowly by photographing my friends that I made. I stayed in my comfort zone. Before I knew it, I started getting inquires about my work. Most were people who were visiting the Island from the States. Which made me realize, “hey, your fear of the language isn’t something to stress about.” Again, helping me to slowly open up to being a “Puerto Rico Photographer”

Then come Ricardo and Karen, natives to Puerto Rico and the language of their heart is Spanish. Let me make it clear that, they do speak and understand English. I was not forced to speak 100% Spanish, nor did they have to speak 100% English, but that was the point! That’s what they helped me realize. My Spanish was enough. We made it work communicating in Spanglish. On their session I made it my goal to pose in Spanish. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask Ricardo and Karen, “Ok, how do I say, ‘bring your foreheads together?'” At the beginning of their session I was nervous, but by the end they made me I feel like a fluent Spanish speaker!

I appreciate them so much for helping me gain confidence in myself. They were apart of helping me conquer my fear. Apart of my journey of getting to where I am now. Now I own saying, “I’m a photographer. I have my own website. I write a weekly blog.” Thank you so much Ricardo and Karen for choosing me as your photographer. Alex and I have big love for you guys and are so excited for your marriage!

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