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Is it time to upgrade my Camera Gear and Equipment?

For Photographers

This question is one I never imagined asking myself when I first started taking pictures. I bought my first camera and lens kit right after graduating high school. With all my graduation gift money, I walked into Costco and purchased my Canon Rebel t3i bundle. I was so happy with it and I didn’t have the dream of being “a photographer” yet. Slowly I started getting clients and still, I didn’t feel the desire to invest in my business, like upgrading my equipment, getting a website, etc., because at the time I still wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to pursue (because of fear).

It wasn’t until I was photographing one of my first weddings that I asked myself this question. During the reception one of family members of the bride and groom asked me to take a quick picture of them with THEIR camera. I remember he handed it to me and the weight alone was like…WHOA. Then I looked through the view finder to take the shot and a was like…WHOA. I then clicked the shutter and it was SILENT…WHOA! I felt so embarrassed that one of the guests had a much “nicer” camera than I DID, the photographer! It shook me and later that same year I bought a new, “better” camera. (one that was way beyond what I really needed!)

What I should have done, instead of impulsively buying a new camera, was slow down and look at the images I was able to capture with my “cheap” camera. To stop and see that my little camera was capturing beautiful images! There was nothing wrong with my equipment, it did its job and it did it well. I didn’t need to rush into getting a “super professional” camera. Yes, when you make the decision to be a photographer and have your own business you will need to eventually invest in upgrading equipment. However, I wish I would have continued to use my little Rebel and SAVE money to upgrade.

My advice to anyone about money is: DON’T GET INTO DEBT. So, when it comes to photography and upgrading your equipment my advice is, SAVE your money to purchase it. BE PATIENT. Learn how to use your camera well and master your skills! While you do that, you can save up for newer and better equipment. Don’t be like me who impulsively bought a camera with a credit card, that I didn’t really need and was in debt for a gooooood minute!

I’ve asked myself if, ‘it’s time for me to buy another lens and camera?’ a few times already this year. I had to stop and remind myself to LEARN from my mistakes! To patiently wait to save and invest in more equipment because what I have right now works perfectly and captures beautiful images.

The ultimate lesson for me in this experience is: You CAN take beautiful photos on ANY camera! You don’t need to have “expensive” equipment to be a good photographer.

Look down below at the photos on this post…all of these shots were taken with my first “cheap” camera. Some of these photos are even on my current WEBSITE! I hope this is encouraging to my fellow photographer friends. Know that I am here to help however I can and would love to share the things I’ve learned.

“Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.”

-Peter Adams

  1. Diane says:

    Your work is absolutely beautiful! These memories will be cherished.

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