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Old San Juan Sunrise Session

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Chris and Greyson’s Old San Juan sunrise session was a dream! Yes, you read that correctly, I said “sunrise”. In today’s blog I’m going to share my favorite images from Chris and Greyson’s anniversary session, as well as the pros of photographing your session at sunrise in Old San Juan. This will help anyone planning a photo session in Old San Juan. In reality, it’s helpful to anyone who wants pictures taken iconic locations where there’s always lots of people. Here we go!

When booking a “morning” session keep in mind….

When Greyson inquired to book their session, she asked if we could schedule it in the morning. On the inside I was so happy because… (I’m about to share a secret)… the best time to take pictures in Old San Juan is early morning! I was also worried I would scare Greyson because I know “morning” for most of us we think, 9 A.M., however in my photographer mind I know that SUNRISE, 6:20 A.M., is the best time for photos. So I held my breath when I emailed her the time we should start and hoped it would still work for her and Chris. I was so happy when she told me she was an early riser and previously had to be ready for her engagement photos at 5:45am. 😅 My girl!!

So why is sunrise the best time to take photos in Old San Juan/touristic areas? Well let me tell you…

1. Pretty Light

What does pretty light have to do with anything? Light for photographers is EVERYTHING. Light is the biggest factor in capturing beautiful images. As photographers we are experts at knowing and finding the perfect light for our style. You, most likely, have seen my work and have noticed that all my images are bight and airy. You may even choose to book me because you know that I will capture your photos with the same style. I am able to keep my style consistent because I know the light I need to capture bright and airy photos. As a natural light photographer, there are only two options for the best light, either sunrise or sunset.

Yes, by 9 A.M. that pretty light is gone. The sun is out and too bright. Not to mention the heat, the heat is is on another level at 9 A.M. in Puerto Rico. You might be wondering, then why not just take photos in Old San Juan at sunset? I can, however the next point explains why sunrise is BETTER.

2. Very Few People

There are much fewer people in these crowded touristic locations at sunrise! Which makes the whole experience 10x better. One, there is a higher chance that people won’t be in the background of your photos. Two, you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic or finding a parking. Three, you won’t have to stop every couple minutes to wait for a car to drive by or for a person to walk by; You also won’t feel rushed. It’s thee BEST! This is the biggest reason why I encourage sunrise photos to anyone who wants photos in Old San Juan and can wake up early.

Chris & Greyson

Chris and Greyson’s session was a dream! We got a little bit of everything. The sky in the photos we took right at sunrise had light pink and blue colors. Then the sun came out, nice and golden. Clouds and even rain came for a little bit, it didn’t last long, but the best part was that it left us a little rainbow! Thanks so much Chris and Greyson for being such troopers! Happy one year anniversary, I hope you guys had the best time on your vacation. Thank you for choosing me to capture your love for each other. Ya’ll are the the cutest!

Old San Juan Anniversary Session at Sunrise

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