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3 Ways to Use dōTERRA’s Peppermint Essential Oil


Are there times during the day when you feel low on energy or find it hard to focus? Do you struggle with head tension or nausea at times? If you said yes to any of those things then today’s blog is just for YOU. There are several uses and benefits peppermint essential oil can provide, today I am sharing three ways I personally use it. Today’s blog is for anyone who wants to learn 3 ways to use dōTERRA’s Peppermint Essential Oil: aromatically, topically and internally. I will share how each of these 3 ways help me with providing energy, and relieving occasional head tension and/or nausea.*

1. Use Aromatically for Energy & Alertness

Does brain fog ever hit you at some part of the day? Is there a time during the day where you feel tired or sleepy and find it hard to regain focus? If so, Peppermint Essential Oil is your best friend. Aromatically is how I use peppermint every single day. Whenever brain fog hits me, or that sleepiness after lunch, I pull out my peppermint. I simply put ONE DROP in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, cup my hands over my nose and take a nice deep breath. Technically I take about three deep breaths, but trust me, you will immediately feel the effects after just one breath.

Showing how to use peppermint essential oil aromatically by putting one drop in the palm of hand, then then cupping hands over nose and taking a deep breath.

A chemical component in Peppermint oil is menthol. Menthol contains energizing properties that contribute to the overall energizing effect of Peppermint oil. Using dōTERRA’s peppermint essential oil is not only is it easy and convenient to use, it’s also 100% pure and natural. This invigorating oil is all you need for a midday pick me up. Pro-Tip: after taking your deep breaths of peppermint, be sure NOT to rub your eyes afterward.

2. Use Topically for Head Tension

Sometimes sitting behind a desk all day gives me a lot of neck tension; being in front of a computer screen for hours can also give me head tension. Does this also describe you? Or ladies, there’s a specific time each month that gives some of us head tension or lower back pain right? When this happens to you, peppermint essential oil can naturally provide you with relief by applying it topically. DōTERRA has made peppermint essential oil available in the form of a roll on, where the essential oil is diluted in fractionated coconut oil. This makes it safe to apply to sensitive skin and gives the essential oil a longer-lasting, localized effect.

Demonstrating how to apply peppermint essential oil to my temples and behind the ear to relieve tension.

Another chemical component in Peppermint is menthone which is soothing and menthol is cooling. These components in Peppermint gives the cooling and soothing effect when applied to the skin. So those days when I have head tension, I roll on peppermint to the areas I feel tension. Usually on my temples, behind my ears, shoulders and neck. During that time of the month I will apply it to my lower back and lower abdomen to soothe the pain.

3. Use Internally for Nausea*

Living here in Puerto Rico any time we go on a road trip, especially in the mountains, I get car sick. I have been prone to car sickness ever since I was kid. I can’t be on my phone or read a book while in the car. It’s easy for me to manage when we’re driving in the city, but drive me where the roads wind and curve, I’m gone. It’s gonna happen, nausea* will hit me. I’ll use peppermint internally by simply putting one drop under my tongue.

The beauty of using Peppermint in this way is that there are no adverse side effects. Personal story, growing up my mom would always take my friends and I to six flags. We were big rollercoaster fans. My mom also liked rollercoasters but she would always get motion sickness. To help with this, she would take a dramamine for the motion sickness but guess what would happen… her motion sickness went away but she became very drowsy. I remember she couldn’t figure out why she was feeling the way she was until she read the dramamine label. The label clearly said, “marked drowsiness may occur.” My poor mom was so miserable those days. It would ruin her day. How I wish we would’ve known about peppermint essential oil to help her then.

Pro-Tip #1: Apply only ONE drop. DōTERRA’s peppermint essential oil is pure and potent. One drop under the tongue is all you need. DōTERRA also sells beadlets that only contain a quarter of a drop if you find it difficult to only apply one drop or feel that one drop is too strong for you. Pro-Tip #2: Inhaling it from the bottle (using aromatically) will also help alleviate nausea. Using peppermint in this way greatly helps my car sickness subside. I am able to arrive at my destination without a green or pale face and zero vomit.

Pictured in a car taking a deep breath from the peppermint essential oil bottle to alleviate nausea*

Peppermint is Amazing!

Now you know 3 ways to use dōTERRA’s Peppermint Essential Oil: aromatically, topically and internally and how it can help with providing energy, and relieving occasional head tension and/or nausea*. Peppermint is amazing and my MOST USED essential oil. I use it everyday and cannot leave the house without it. Below are links to my references, where you can find more information. Here I only mentioned three uses and benefits of peppermint and the article shares a total of 10 different uses and benefits, along with several DIY ideas.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

References & Products:

Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

I’m Ivana, a wellness advocate for dōTERRA and this is my space on the internet where I share my story of how I use and have benefited from dōTERRA’s products to help others. To learn more about me, follow me on instagram where I share more about my everyday life and my obsession with earrings, pets and plants. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the products, how to purchase or would like a sample to try before purchasing. I’m here for you!

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