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Condado Beach Family Session


Sankhe Family session at Condado Beach was a success. When photographing families with littles like Ahaan, you never know how they’re going to feel during the session. Since the majority of my clients in Puerto Rico are visiting on vacation, there are things that can be very new for kiddos. For some it may be exciting, and for others it might be the opposite of exciting. On our beach session with the Sankhe Family, the sand was something new for Ahaan that he LOVED. All he wanted to do was grab it and let it run through is cute little fingers. It’s beautiful to see the world through the eyes of little ones. It’s the little and simple things that bring them joy that we might take for granted.

Even though the sand was a big distraction that we couldn’t get away from, we were able to capture some beautiful images and memories of the Sankhe Family. There were also positives to Ahaan’s love for the sand. It allowed me to capture some beautiful shots of just Sameer and Neha. It’s beautiful seeing couples like Sameer and Neha, who have kids and still look at each other with eyes of young love. Scroll down to the bottom to see one of my favorite pictures of Sameer twirling Neha. Enjoy looking through their gallery that’s full of love and personality. Thank you Sameer and Neha for trusting me with capturing your beautiful family.

Family of three walking on the beach

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