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5 Tips for Old San Juan Photo Sessions

For Your Session, Tips

Are you planning a photo session in Old San Juan during your vacation to Puerto Rico? If so, this blog was written with you specifically in mind. When we travel we do our best to be prepared for our visit. We’re sure to check the weather, to know what to pack. We maybe learn how to say a few words or phrases in the common language spoken. When it comes to preparing for a photo session though, it might be hard to find practical tips of what to expect, especially if you’re planning a session while on vacation in an unfamiliar place. With that said, here are 5 tips for Old San Juan Photo Sessions.

Tip #1 – Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes

Why is this tip important? I always encourage dressing up for your session. A pretty dress looks pretty with heels and slacks look good with dress shoes. However, you WILL do a lot of walking during your session in Old San Juan and those shoes aren’t the most comfortable for the walking we’ll be doing. Old San Juan has lots of hills so there will be moments when we’ll have to walk up hill and down hill. With that said, wear a comfortable pair of shoes and change into the heels once we arrive on location. This way you’ll look and feel awesome in your photos.

Tip #2 – Schedule your session during the week

Traffic and parking at Old San Juan can be RIDICULOUS on weekends at peak hours when the light is the prettiest for photos. While planning, you might notice the distance from your hotel to Old San Juan is only 15 minutes away, but add traffic and you might be 15 or 20 minutes late to your session. Therefore, I highly suggest you schedule your session during the week, Monday-Thursday. If those days are impossible and you need to schedule your session on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I HIGHLY recommend scheduling your session early in the morning at sunrise. Yes, sunrise, because you’ll still get the prettiest light, with no traffic and no tourists in the background of your photos.

Tip #3 – Bring a Towel

Bring a towel? Why? I know this one might sound odd, but It’s normal to work up a sweat walking around Old San Juan in the heat. A small face towel, or a paper towel is important for the sweat because sweat will show up in your photos and it’s not something that I can edit out. So be sure to throw a little towel or napkin in your bag that’s easy to grab when you need it on your session.

Tip #4 – Bring Makeup and Bobby Pins

Ladies, this one’s for you! Remember, because of the heat you might sweat. So bring some makeup just in case you quickly need to touch up. There’s also a good chance we will run into some wind at Old San Juan. When it gets windy, bobby pins are great to have to help keep our hair in place and out of our face.

Tip #5 – Stay Hydrated

Last, but not least, it’s important to keep in mind Puerto Rico’s climate. Walking around Old San Juan in the hot and humid climate might not be something you’re used to. So it’s important to bring some water on your session to stay hydrated, especially for family sessions with little ones. 

You’re ready!

There you have it! Those are my top five tips to help you be prepared and have the best session in Old San Juan. Click here to contact me to book your session! I’m sure you’ll want to grab a bite to eat or have a drink in Old San Juan after your session. Here I have a list of my favorite things to do in Old San Juan. You’ll find something for any budget. If you’re not already following me on instagram, click here to follow and keep up with my latest sessions and for some behind the scenes.

5 Tips for Your Photo Session in Old San Juan
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