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Extended Family Beach Session in Rio Grande

Families, For Your Session

Have you been wanting to plan an extended family session but weren’t sure what to expect? And you didn’t understand why extended family sessions are more than normal sessions? Or maybe the thought of planning an extended family session sounds overwhelming to you? I’m a planner, and when I think about having a session of my own, I want to know the answers to these questions. Today I’m sharing what an extended family session looks like when you book with me, an idea that can help with planning, as well as some of my favorite images from an extended family beach session I did in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

What to Expect on an Extended Family Session

Is not knowing what to expect on a session what’s held you back from booking? When booking an extended family session, I know how important and precious these photos will be to you and your family. Especially when there are multiple generations. An extended family session with me is much more than just capturing one big group picture. I make sure to give each family their own moment. Yes, we need to take the big group picture, but we also want to capture a photo of just great grandma and grandpa, and great grandparents with their kids, then with their grand kids, and another with great grandkids. We have to take advantage of all being together to capture as many memories and breakouts as possible.

Why do Extended Family Sessions Cost More?

I know you might also look at photographers prices and it says, “sessions start at ____” and you think, “great, an extended family session is going to cost more.” Why is it more? Put simply, the bigger the family, the longer it will take to complete the session. In the session I’m sharing today, there were a total of 16 family members. (Not all members are shown upon their request.) Now from the 16 members, there were a total of at least 12 breakouts. If I spend just 5 minutes on every breakout, the session would be an hour minimum. That’s if we are focused and rushing. I as a photographer want the experience to be fun and memorable, not stressed and rushed. This is why these sessions are more than the regular starting price.

Planning an Extended Family Session Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

Does the thought of trying to get the whole family together for pictures sound like a challenge? Here’s an idea, think of a special occasion, like your parents or grandparents anniversary and suggest to other family members the idea of gifting them an extended family session. That way the family will be on board with photo session and will make planning easier because you’ll have everyones help and support. Another thing that’s great about taking extended family photos is that the families can help by splitting the cost. By getting other family members involved, it allows them to help with the planning and relieves the stress of trying to plan it all on your own.

Rubert Extended Family Session

This beautiful family are friends of Alex and I. It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know their extended family. These families live in different states, some are here in Puerto Rico, others are in New York and others in Florida. A special occasion brought them all here to Puerto Rico and they took advantage of the whole family being together to have an extended family session. We were able to get so many breakouts and have a great time. The smiles say it all. Scroll to see just a few beautiful images we captured. Thank you Rubert Family for trusting me to capture such precious moments during this special time.

Extended Family Beach Session
Puerto Rico Extended Family Session
Extended Family Session
Puerto Rico Extended Family Session
Extended Family Photo Session

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