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A Warm Family Session in Old San Juan

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Come see the Goodyear’s warm family session at sunset in Old San Juan. The Goodyear’s booked their family session with me while on vacation. Family sessions allow me to do breakouts where, in addition to photographing the whole family unit, I also capture some moments of just mom with dad and some of just their girls. It was such a treat to photograph the Goodyear’s three girls because it reminded me of when I first started photographing. I started my career as a photographer by photographing my peers, which at the time were mostly senior girls. I’m excited for you to see my favorites from the Goodyear’s family session in Old San Juan. I’m also sharing something unique I get to experience as a Puerto Rico Photographer that I love!

One thing I love about photographing in Puerto Rico…

Upon meeting the Goodyear’s, and I quickly noticed that their girls called me “Ma’am.” Being called “Ma’am” was a first for me 😆 but I have to say, I very much appreciated their good manners. This is one thing that I love about photographing in Puerto Rico, I get to meet people from all over. Even within the U.S., we vary in culture. Where I’m from (CA) it’s common to address everyone as “guys”. I’m the type of person that says things like, “Hey guys!” or “Thanks guys!” Then you have other places that have different accents and ways of speaking. Photographing people from different places is definitely something I didn’t experience as a photographer in Bakersfield and I just have to say, I Love It! 

Thank you Victoria and Tim for trusting me with capturing your warm family. It was such a pleasure to meet all of you. A special thank you to Tim for giving me such a thoughtful review on Google! It was my first google review, which makes it special to me. I can’t thank you enough. I hope you come back to visit Puerto Rico again. Sending you my love!

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