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Surprise Proposal at Escambron Beach

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I am SO EXCITED to share with you Gu Feng and Melanie’s surprise proposal at Escambron Beach! I had a couple of “firsts” as a photographer in Puerto Rico with their engagement session. One, this was my first time photographing at Escambron Beach and two, this was my first proposal where the proposal happened in the middle of the session! It was very exciting for me. Gu Feng & Melanie wore beautiful attire that paired perfectly with their engagement session at Escambron Beach. Their images are beautiful! I can’t wait to tell you more about my “firsts” and for you to see my favorites from their session!

My first time photographing at Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is a popular beach in Puerto Rico that you see as you drive into Old San Juan. One of the biggest challenges about photographing in Puerto Rico is that popular locations, like Escambron Beach, are usually full of tourists. It’s for this reason that I usually don’t photograph here. However, Gu Feng reached out and asked for beach options. I gave him three options with links to previous beach sessions I’d photographed. Next to Escambron Beach I wrote, “I haven’t photographed a session here yet. If you like it, you guys would be my first session here. ☺” His response, “Let’s do Escambron beach!” Me: GASP!

After becoming familiar with Escambron Beach these last 4 years, I felt comfortable scheduling a session here. I was actually excited to photograph at a new place. Naturally though, I was a little worried about there being a big crowd, especially on a Friday afternoon. When we arrived, yes, there were lots of people on the beach. However you would never know by looking at their photos!

You’ll notice the first few images below were taken on the sand right by the water. I love how it looks like these two are the only ones on the beach. What you don’t see are the people on the beach only about 3-5 feet away from us. Everyone was very kind and complementing how nice Gu Feng and Melanie looked. I had a spot in mind that is usually empty where it would feel a little more intimate for Gu Feng to pop the question. We moved to the part of the beach that has no sand, meaning no people, and has a beautiful backdrop of the rocks along the ocean. I can’t wait for you to see!

My first proposal where he popped the question in the middle of the session

Gu Feng’s proposal was my first to photograph where he popped the question in the middle of the session. For all of my previous proposals, I hide in plain sight to capture the moment when he gets down on one knee. I have to admit I LOVE this approach of proposing in the middle of the session. The biggest reason why I love it is because everyone knows there’s going to be a photo session. Which means everyone is naturally going to look their best. 

What does having to “look your best” have to do with a surprise proposal session? To give you an example, I was scrolling through reels on instagram and I came across a video of a surprise proposal. It was a beautiful ocean and cliff backdrop, and the photographer was hiding to capture the moment. Once he proposes, she realizes there’s someone photographing, she yells at him, “You let me do this in sweatpants?!” It was funny. However it made a point that girls want to be surprised, but also want to look their best when it happens, especially if it’s going to be photographed.

All this to say that proposing in the middle of the session is a very easy way to surprise her and at the same time you don’t have to worry about making a plan to encourage her to dress up. You don’t have to worry about convincing her to get a manicure the day before and little details that most likely matter to her.  If she knows that you scheduled a photo session, naturally she’ll plan what she wants to wear and make sure she looks her best.

I know there are circumstances where booking a session might blow the surprise for her. She’ll have a feeling of what’s coming. I get that, and I’m not saying every proposal should be this way. It’s simply another option that might work for you if you’re planning a surprise proposal.

Gu Feng & Melanie

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! Thank you for trusting me to capture this special moment. Enjoy this chapter of the beginning of forever with each other. Wishing you the best, and sending you much love!

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