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Sunset Proposal at El Morro

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Sowmith and Sulagna had the most dreamy sunset proposal session at El Morro in Old San Juan. I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple on one of the most memorable days of their lives. The very beginning of their beginning. It’s incredible for me to think about, sometimes I still can’t believe this is my job! I’m excited to share with you the plan for Sowmith’s surprise proposal and how everything went!

The Plan:

Have you ever helped with planning a surprise proposal? Let me tell you, it’s thrilling! However, what I enjoy most about surprise proposals is that I am usually communicating with the future groom, not the bride to be. I love seeing the guy put forth so much effort in making this moment perfect. It’s the sweetest thing! For Sowmith, he was super concerned about how the weather may be the day of. I had to tell him unfortunately, here in Puerto Rico you don’t really know if it’ll rain until the day of. However, if it does rain its very unlikely that it will rain all day. There is most likely going to be a time during the day that it won’t rain, so no need to stress. We will make it happen!

Sowmith already had El Morro in mind for the location. He sent me a specific corner at El Morro called the Bastión de San Antonio. Alex, my husband, and I went to scout the spot. When we got there I made Alex get down on one knee and took a picture to send to Sowmith as a reference of where to pop the question. (Thanks babe!) Sowmith loved the location. We came up with a signal for the day of, in order for me to know when he’s about to get down on one knee. We agreed on the signal being, as soon as I saw them facing each other and holding both hands, that was the moment to have my finger on the shutter. Ready for the shot! At this point we’re both excited for the day to come!

The Moment:

The day arrives, NO RAIN says the forecast! Whoohoo! Sowmith and I keep each other posted as to where we are in our timelines. The moment was planned to happen at 5pm. Sowmith and Sulagna were going to get to Old San Juan a couple hours earlier to explore the streets of OSJ and end their day at El Morro. I parked by 4:10pm with enough time to walk from the parking lot to El Morro and get there by 4:45pm. I sat some distance at a bench, relieved that there were hardly any people around at that hour.

At 5pm I get a text from Sowmith telling me they made it to El Morrow and that they’re going to start walking toward me. I spot them from far away and I start getting butterflies in my stomach! I’m not so much nervous as I am excited for what’s soon to happen. They finally make their way to me, Sulagna doesn’t even notice me, she doesn’t suspect a thing! A couple minutes pass and I see them having a moment. Then I see Sowmith grab Sulagnas hands…. BAHH….then I see him pull the ring from his pocket and watch him bend down on one knee in what felt like slow motion. ITS HAPPENING!

I walk closer and start firing my shutter. Sulagna said, “YES!” they hug! they kiss! I let them have a moment. Sulagna then sees me and I yell, “Congratulations!!” and smiling she says, “Oh my god!” Almost immediately after she comes over and gives me a hug and says “Thank you so much!” and I’m over here feeling like -> 🥲❤️

I finally get to meet Sowmith in person! One of the first things he said was, “You have no idea how much the weather kept changing. Every time I checked the app it said something different.” All I could say was, “Welcome to Puerto Rico!” Once you see their pictures, you’ll see Sowmith had nothing to worry about. No rain, just that pretty sunset glow.

Thank you so much Sowmith for choosing me to capture such a special moment for you and Sulagna. It’s an honor to capture the beginning of your beginning. I’m excited for your future together, marriage is one of the biggest belssings. I can’t wait for everyone to scroll through their photos. These two are so sweet, full of smiles and joy. Such a gorgeous couple.

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