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Maternity Session at The Botanical Garden

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Ruben and Sashea’s Maternity Session at The Botanical Garden was BEAUTIFUL. These two are friends of Alex, my husband, and I. Photographing friends always makes the session extra special. We are so happy for them and are beyond excited to meet little Skyla Brielle. In today’s blog I’ll be sharing a little about Ruben and Sashea, as well as a pro-tip for any expecting mama’s who are planning a maternity session.

Ruben & Sashea

I met Ruben & Sashea a little more than two years ago, right before the pandemic. It was funny to slowly learn that we have quite a few things in common. Sashea is originally from California, like me. They dated long distance for a period of time, like Alex and I. Ruben is also a photographer! WHOA, am I right?! They’re also fans of board games/game nights, so they’re my kind of people!

These two are honestly the cutest and sweetest couple. I won’t forget one time we went to the beach and Ruben and Sashea brought their fur baby, Bailey. Bailey is a little yorkie, small dog. I remember Alex and I were in the water, and we look back and see Sashea walking toward us holding Bailey. Bailey’s face and body language was, “I don’t want to get in the water!” and I remember Sashea saying, “Bailey you have to get in to see if you’ll like it. You have to face your fear.” She took Bailey all the way in, I was dying of laughter.

Now I know, a fur baby doesn’t compare to a real baby. However, that memory made me think, “Sashea’s gonna be a cool mom.” She’s going to encourage her baby girl to not be afraid to try new things as she grows up. One thing I’ve also learned about Ruben is not only is he passionate and detailed with his work, but he’s also great about community and getting other photographers together. Creating an opportunity to help others learn from one another. No doubt these two are going to be awesome parents, instilling these and more beautiful qualities in Skyla.


Are you a soon to be Mama planning your future maternity session? If so I have a tip just for you! I learned from Ruben and Sashea’s session is that this stage of Sashea’s pregnancy is the perfect stage for mama’s to schedule their sessions! Sashea is about six months along. During this time of her pregnancy, her belly was the perfect size. She was showing AND she was comfortable.

On sessions there is usually a lot of walking involved, and a bonus here in PR is the heat. With that said, taking photos on a session like this one might not be comfortable for a mama who’s more than eight months along. Photographing Sashea at six months was perfect. She was able to comfortably walk to three different locations within the botanical garden with the most beautiful baby bump! I can’t wait for you to scroll down and look at the photos to see for yourself!

I’m excited for everyone to see how much these two are GLOWING in their photos! Thank you Ruben and Sashea for allowing me to photograph the three of you. Alex and I have big love for you guys and are excited for your new beginning with Skyla. We can’t wait to meet her!

P.S. – Don’t you love Sashea’s earrings? She made them herself! Check out more of her jewelry Here.

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