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Old San Juan Family Session

Families, For Your Session

Friends, I can’t wait for you to see the Langford’s Family session in Old San Juan! They’re the sweetest family. We started their session early in the morning. I recommend early morning sessions to anyone who wants a session in Old San Juan. However, if you have a family with little ones like the Langford Family, and want a session in the streets of Old San Juan, I’ll only schedule sessions like theirs early in the morning. Why, you might wonder? Well today I’m sharing two reasons why I only schedule family sessions with little ones in the streets of Old San Juan early in the morning.

Reason #1

I’ll start off by saying: visiting Old San Juan is a MUST for anyone vacationing on the island. It’s a historic landmark of Puerto Rico with beautiful cobblestone streets and colorful homes. With that said, this makes Old San Juan a touristic location with lots of people on the narrow streets that also has a consistent flow of traffic. This is why early morning sessions in the streets of Old San Juan are great for any session. However, for family sessions with little ones it’s a must.

The earlier it is, the less people and cars are on the narrow streets. This is good because it means less stress for you as a parent. I remember as a kid, any time we were around a street my mom held onto, not my hand, but my arm. I think she had a better grip and wanted to make sure I was safe. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight. Now, maybe it’s because I was her firstborn that she was extra protective? I don’t know because I’m not a parent, but what I do know is that as your photographer, I feel it’s safer to photograph families with littles in areas where there’s no streets or there’s little to no traffic on the street.

Reason #2

A second reason why: is the heat. I’ve learned a lot about myself after living in Puerto Rico the last few years. One thing I’ve learned is that I turn into a different person when its HOT and I’m sticky and sweaty. I can get irritable over little things. With that said, I can only imagine how a little one could handle the heat here in Puerto Rico. The majority of my clients are scheduling their sessions with me while they’re on vacation. So if you’re NOT from a place where the temperature is in the 80s with 70% humidity, which makes it feel like 98 degrees, then you don’t know how your little one will react to the weather. Therefore, the earlier you schedule your session the cooler it’ll be, and the easier it’ll be for your littles to cope with the heat.

I hope these reasons show that I try to put myself in your shoes as the client. Yes, my top priority is capturing beautiful images, but I also care about your experience and how you feel during the session. After four years of living here and three years photographing here, I’ve learned a lot and am happy to share what I’ve learned to make your session enjoyable.

Check out my favorite images from the Langford family session below! Adam and Lizzie were so easy going and their little ones were the cutest. Thank you for getting up early and trusting me to capture your sweet family!

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