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A Family Morning Stroll Through Old San Juan

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A family morning stroll in Old San Juan with the Mehrotra’s. We started the Mehrotra’s family session at El Morrow and ended at the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. The morning started out slightly overcast, with the bright sun coming through at the end of their session. Scheduling your session during the early morning in Old San Juan offers a peaceful atmosphere. Having the city to ourselves, we’re able to enjoy creating and capturing sweet moments. In this blog I’m sharing my favorite images from the Mehrotra’s family session in Old San Juan, briefly explaining what I call “breakouts”, and a pro tip to getting more “breakouts” for families with little ones.

During family sessions it’s priority to capture the image with everyone looking at the camera. However, my favorite parts of the session are doing what I call “breakouts”. This is where we take time to capture images of different groups within the family. As an example, we’ll take a couple images of just the kiddos and also some of just mom and dad. It’s special to take time on the session to let mom and dad have a quiet moment for themselves. You’ll see some of my favorite moments with Rekha and Puneet below.

Capturing shots of “just mom and dad” isn’t always possible with younger ones (babies & toddlers). This is because there isn’t always someone else on the session to help look after the littles while mom and dad have a moment alone. A tip to help with this: bring another family member along (grandma, aunt or uncle) to help during the session. You can bring anyone your kids feel comfortable around to help assist in watching them when it’s time for mom and dad shots or whenever they need a break.

I’m excited for you to see my favorites from the Mehrotra’s session. Thank you Mehrotra Family for the fun morning stroll through Old San Juan and for choosing me as your family photographer during your visit!


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