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Vibrant Smiles Under Overcast Skies: A Family Session in Old San Juan

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Cioè Peña Family had the most vibrant smiles on this overcast morning in Old San Juan. The day before their session I noticed there was a possibility of rain. I reached out to Eric to reassure him that I had a plan if it happened to rain. His response was, “No worries we aren’t afraid of rain.” (Insert hands up emoji!) Thankfully on the morning of their session there was no rain, only overcast skies. As I see them walking down the streets of Old San Juan to meet me they glowed with big smiles! These were my kind of people!

In today’s blog you’ll see my favorite images from their family session in Old San Juan, along with an explanation as to why photographing under cloudy skies isn’t a bad thing. As you scroll through their session you’ll notice their images are still bright and beautiful. Yes, you can be confident that overcast skies are nothing to be afraid of if it happens on your session.

The weather is something we take into consideration on the daily. Even more so when booking a photo session. Here in Puerto Rico, I can guarantee, it will always be warm and it will never be cold. However, rain and clouds can happen at any time, no matter the “season”. Which is why I feel it’s important to reassure you if this happens on your session.

Why are Overcast skies nothing to be afraid of?

As a photographer the most important factor in capturing images is LIGHT. After all, without light there’s no photo. Now on an overcast day, there is plenty of light in the sky! When the sun is hiding behind the clouds it creates diffused light. When the light is diffused, it means the light is spread out evenly everywhere. As a photographer this means I can photograph anywhere in any direction. This is a big plus! Yes, the sun can give pretty light. However, it’s also true that the sun limits me, as a photographer, as to where we will photograph. With overcast skies we can choose any backdrop without having to worry if the background or subjects will be “too bright” or “too dark”.

Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about if it happens to be a little overcast on your session.

Thank you Cioè Peña Family for your easy going spirit and vibrant smiles on our early morning session. It was a pleasure to meet you and capture your happy family in the streets of Old San Juan. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. Sending you much love.


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